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My Secret

My Secret April 7, 2024 – Current Who are you when no one’s looking? What secret are you holding in that nobody will ever know? What’s the stuff you’ve tried to stuff way down deep, but it still seems to linger somewhere right under your skin? We all have them. Or do they have us? […]

The Road to Easter

The Road to Easter March 3, 2024 – March 31, 2024 The story of Jesus’s path to the cross is important for all people to consider—especially followers of Christ. This series is framed around the path Jesus took en route to Calvary and beyond. Each message points to the essential purpose of Jesus’s journey and […]

The Power to Change

The Power to Change January 7, 2024 – February 25, 2024 Few things in life are more frustrating than knowing you need to change, trying to change, but not actually changing. It’s possible to find The Power to Change so you can start living the life you want.
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Upside Down Kingdom

Upside Down Kingdom March 13, 2024 – Current This series looks at one of the largest sections of teaching by Jesus: the Sermon on the Mount. Specifically, it examines the Beatitudes, exploring how Jesus encouraged believers to represent the kingdom of God and operate differently than the world we know.


Titus January 10, 2023 – March 6, 2023 In this series, we will learn what God’s Word has to say regarding matters of church leadership, sound doctrine, Christian discipleship, and devotion. We will see how we are to live as Christian men and women, how to deal with false teaching and divisiveness, and the importance […]

Christmas at the Movies

Christmas at the Movies November 29, 2023 – December 20, 2023 Nothing takes the stress out of holiday craziness like curling up with a great Christmas movie. This December we’ll look at three Christmas films and discover the profound spiritual truths hidden just below the surface. Join us for Christmas at the Movies!