Ushers Ministry

Contact Person: Rev. Harold Lewis, Sr.

The Ushers Ministry team serves and greets worshippers and makes them feel welcome. The ushers direct and assist people to their seats. The ushers direct people to activities. They take up the offering collection and put it in the safe, accompanied by security. They deliver the offering prayer when asked. They move the communion tables into position and administer communion to the congregation. They wash the communion serve ware.

The Ushers Ministry Leader often recruits assistants from the congregation during the service, as needed. The leader must be aware of the church activity calendar in order to call ushers to serve. The ushers may be on call to serve during special church events.

Ushering requires the following personal qualities of both male and female ANCC members: responsible, patient, friendly, helpful, courteous, adaptable, alert, and watchful. Since there is no age requirement, this is a training opportunity in which our young members can participate.