Discipleship & Teaching

Contact Person: Alvin Pickett

The Education & Leadership Ministry provides a forum for the teaching and learning of Biblical principles. An environment exists wherein questions are posed and addressed. This ministry strives to coordinate the tenets of discipleship in the Word of God, with other sources, such as Sunday sermons and other discipleship sessions. The ministry seeks to identify and utilize tools of learning as we develop a vision that flows from our Savior. A further goal is to establish ways that we can pass on to future generations the necessary biblical principles through mentoring and connection with the local body of Christ. Input from the congregation as to the topic for discussion and instruction is encouraged. Leadership goals include seeking to put God’s plan into whatever process is thought best to serve the Church, members and society.

Instructors are needed for this ministry who have a working knowledge of the Bible. They should have the ability to prepare lesson plans or periods of instruction, lead discussions of relevant issues and impart knowledge. Knowledge of adult learning principles is desired, but not required. Instructors must be over 18 years of age and an ANCC Member.