About Us

At All Nations Community Church of Homewood the diversity of the international people of God is evident through the presence and contributions of people from various ethnic, educational and economic backgrounds. Yet, at the heart of this community stands one vision: to experience, cultivate and demonstrate the presence of God in every aspect of our lives. We are determined, in accordance with Scripture and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, to bare the image of Jesus by becoming people of power, love, worship, holiness, integrity and destiny.

ANCC Mandate

We exist for the reshaping of lives in Christ and Community

ANCC Mission Strategy

  • Engage the far-away with the Gospel
  • Equip the family for the mission
  • Empower the fearless to live out the mission

ANCC Marks (4G)

How do you know if you are a maturing disciple?

  • In what ways am I Growing?
  • How much do I commit to Giving?
  • Have I been committed to Gathering?
  • Where am I using my Gifting?

ANCC 2019 Vision Emphasis

“The Big Shift”


The Big 3 (Imperatives)

  1. Corporate Praying:  50% of Church Family Participating in corporate prayer
  2. Gospel Sharing:  520 gospel shares in 2019
  3. Light Bearing:
    • Disciple-making – Launch 15 Life Connections Groups
    • Community Engagement –  Quarterly outreaches