About Us

At All Nations Community Church of Homewood the diversity of the international people of God is evident through the presence and contributions of people from various ethnic, educational and economic backgrounds. Yet, at the heart of this community stands one vision: to experience, cultivate and demonstrate the presence of God in every aspect of our lives. We are determined, in accordance with Scripture and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, to bare the image of Jesus by becoming people of power, love, worship, holiness, integrity and destiny.

The Vision

To make devoted followers of Jesus in community, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The Mission

  1. Exalt the Savior
  2. Encourage the Believers
  3. Edify and Equip the Saints
  4. Evangelize the World

The Strategy

P – Passion and Prayer

R – Repentance and Revival

E – Exalting Christ Through Worship

S – Serving Others

E – Equipping the Saints

N – Nurturing The Believers

C – Compassion For All

E – Evangelizing The World